Camolin National School.

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Health & Safety.


1. Children who are ill should not be sent to school.


2. Parents are asked that the school be made aware of, in writing, any physical disability or allergies which their child might have.


3.If you notice  any head lice in your Childs hair please deal with them as quickly as possible and everyone else in your home should also be treated.


Please let the class teacher know so that a note can be sent out to all parents in that class of an outbreak.


It is vital that all long hair is tied back so as to lessen the chance of cross contamination. Please check your child's hair regularly.


4.In the interests of safety pupils are only allowed wear stud earrings.

All other items of jewellery, earrings, make up and  piercings are prohibited in  school.


5.Requests to remain indoors at break times should only be made in exceptional circumstances (limbs in plaster, recovering from/awaiting surgery).


These requests must be made in writing to the class teacher.


6. In the interests of safety and supervision, children are not encouraged to re-enter the school premises at break times. However they may do so, having first sought permission from the teacher on Yard Supervision.


7. In the interests of safety, parents' cars are not allowed into the school grounds.

   Please do not block the gate when dropping or picking up pupils.


8.Medication—Pupils are not allowed to bring in medication.

  Long term treatment needs to have permission from BOM.

  Phone: 053 - 938 3455                                                                                                    

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