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Child Protection.

Camolin NS is an ‘ordinary’ mainstream primary school, catering for a full cross section of children. The purpose of this SEN policy is to provide practical guidance for teachers, parents and other interested parents on the provision of effective learning support to pupils experiencing low achievement and / or learning difficulties, as well as to fulfil our obligations under the Education Act 1998.



The school currently has the following provisions to cater for children with Special Education Needs:


One Learning Support Teacher (Shared with Ballycanew NS) 20 hrs. + 5 Hrs.


1 Resource Teacher for children with Special Educational Needs No Cluster for 2014–2015 5.95 hrs


2 Special Needs Assistants for 2014 – 2015



It is necessary to devise a SEN Policy at this time


  · To cater for the enrolment of pupils with Special educational needs in a

     mainstream setting


  · To comply with legislation and department circulars as existing policy is

     in need of review.


  · To stream line the provision of special needs support in the school.


  · In drafting this policy the staff considered The Education for persons with

    Special Educational Needs Act 2004 which defines a special educational

    needs a restriction in capacity to participate in and benefit from education due to

    an enduring physical, sensory, mental health or learning disability or any condition

    which results in a person learning differently from a person without that condition

    and cognate words shall be construed accordingly’ and also The learning

    support guidelines 2000, where p1 refers to pupils whose achievement is at a

    very low level and who are at risk od not reaching adequate levels of proficiency

    in Literacy and numeracy before leaving primary school.


This policy covers those children who traditionally attended Learning support and those with exceptional ability.





This policy will be available on our school web site. All school policies will also be disseminated to parents through the medium of the school newsletter and text a parent.  Parents will be informed that copies of the SEN policy will be available in the office.



Collaboration and communication.


Meetings will take place as follows:


  · Class Teachers and parents- Informal meetings as required. Formal meetings

    once a year.


  · S.E.T and parents – informal meetings as required and at least 2 formal

    meetings a year.


  · Principal and parents as requested by parents, class teacher/SET or

    principal herself.


  · Class teacher and S.E.T. frequent informal meetings as necessary.


  · School personnel and psychologist or other professionals – as required


  · School Personnel and S.E.N.O – as required


  · Supervision implications will be taken into account when arranging

    meetings particularly formal meetings. The principal may use administration leave

    to facilitate meetings e.g. to have class supervised while the class Teacher is

    meeting with S.E.T or when Class Teacher, S.E.T. and parents are meeting.

    The cooperation of the Infant Teacher may also be required when arranging

    class supervision.



The principal aim of Learning Support is to optimise the teaching and learning process so as to enable pupils with learning difficulties to achieve adequate levels of proficiency in literacy and numeracy before leaving primary school.





By reviewing the policy at this time Camolin NS ideally hopes:


  · To enable pupils of all abilities to avail of and benefit from an appropriate education


  · To outline our whole school approach to teaching/learning in relation to pupils

     with special educational needs


  · To set out procedures for the enrolment of children with special needs in the school


  · To assist the parents in making an informed decision in relation to the enrolment

     of their child in our school


  · To outline procedures and practices to be followed in relation to supporting

      the learning of pupils with special educational needs


  · To establish communication structures for the involvement of all the partners in

     the education of pupils with special educational needs (LS Guidelines)


  · The school will follow the staged approach and the teacher observation and

     reports from other schools, or professionals will be used to decide which level

     of support a pupil will receive i.e. stage 1, stage 2 or stage 3.


A full and comprehensive hard copy of the policy above is available from the school office on request free of charge.

  Phone: 053 - 938 3455                                                                                                    

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